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The Secret of Scrum Nobody Talks About

Secret of Scrum

Too many companies and agile coaches keep the secret of scrum from people! Without understanding WHY to use scrum - misery often results.

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Too many companies and agile coaches keep the secret of scrum from people!

When agile methods of software development were first brought on the scene, they led to abuse.

Managers “cherry picked” the practices that gave them more control, but software products didn’t actually get any better!

In fact, when you ask most programmers or other software professionals Scrum seems to add MORE pressure and problems.

In this episode, I share the secret of Scrum. If your company doesn’t know this secret, you’re wasting your time because the word “agile” means NOTHING!

If you don’t understand why scrum doesn’t work, I hope this episode offers some insight.

Using a sprint in scrum can cause more problems than it’s worth – without the right mindset to learn from failure.


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